How Long and Wide Should my Reusable Straw Be?

You’ve already decided to #switchthestraw, take the plunge and buy a reusable stainless steel straw.


Most straws are 8.5” which is not long enough for a typical 20oz 30oz YETI Rambler or other leading brands of travel tumbler.

It would be very annoying to shell out for a lifeline travel straw pack and only realise AFTERWARDS that your straws aren’t long enough for your favourite mug…..

Let’s go from the smallest to the largest.

    4-5inch – COCKTAIL STRAWS These are the tiny straight or bent straws for your fancy drink.
    7-8.5inch – STANDARD STRAWS These is the standard size of reusable straw size sold. Only suitable for small to medium sized glasses.
    10.5inch – LONG STRAWS This is the longest size of straw that is typically available. It is suitable for a 20oz or 30oz YETI Rambler and covers all possible eventualities. This is also the length of a standard Starbucks green plastic straw, which a useful benchmark for comparison.


The width of your straw isn’t something you typically need to think about until you decide to invest in a reusable straw set.

Standard straws have an internal diameter of

Let’s go from the smallest to the largest internal diameters.

    SLIM STRAWS – 0.15inch 3.9mm These are the tiny straws used for cocktails.
    STANDARD STRAWS – 0.196inch 5.0mm This the width of a standard sized straw.
    SMOOTHIE STRAW – 0.25inch 6.3mm This is sometimes called a Super Jumbo straw. It is suitable for smoothies, thick milkshakes, Frappucinos, freshly squeezed juices and frappes.
    BUBBLE TEA – 0.4inch 10mm This is sometimes called a Colossol straw. It is the only straw wide enough for tapioca boba for Bubble tea to pass though.

We have three straws in our reusable stainless steel travel set that are extra long and extra wide. These will enable you to enjoy bubble tea and smoothies in your favorite tumblers, while you’re on the go.

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